Last day! Is there an afterlife?; YES:33 – NO:11


This was somewhat of a bittersweet day; after all these conversations and portraits (109 in all), I felt somewhat relieved to know that the whole process had reached this end, and yet I know how much I’m going to miss it – from getting up in the morning and wondering what soup to make or what question to ask, to doing this very thing I’m doing right now – my day have been so full and so well planned. What’s life going to be like after this? Would I do it all over again? Or does it really only matter what I do now? Hence the question of the day.



Marieken, coincidentally, is inheriting the gallery space as soon as I am done and putting up her own show. You should go see it! Her answer to the question was an emphatic “No”, because, as she puts it, why would you even want to have to do it all over again? A life after this one? It was hard enough the first time around! She’s got a point.




Randy was mostly raised by his mother who he believes now rests in what he calls “utopia”. His father, who he could only describe as a “wild man”, got to spend his life is this mortal realm, along with the rest of us, where we get to “work things out”. Randy, if you didn’t already know, happens to be the Mayor of Beacon, and he’s busy trying to make this town into its own utopia.




Sharyn speaks of the afterlife much in the same way I’d heard two parents describe it to their kindergartner who was dying of leukemia (I wish I had a link to the video here; I’ll post it as soon as I can find it again) but in the video they drew that hospital curtain between them and their son on the bed and told him that that’s what death would be like; he wouldn’t be able to see them, but they would always be there. Ok. I’m tearing up now.


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