Do you wish you lived somewhere else?; YES:7 – NO:11

What better question to ask in the midst of blizzard hysteria? Maybe the results would have varied slightly if there actually had been in a blizzard here in Beacon. Instead, by the time the sun came out and melted the little snow not even worth shoveling, the good citizens of Beacon filed in to have soup and share their thoughts while having their portrait done.

IDYT_LoriLori is an artist, a mom (no hyperlink required), and a pretty darn good citizen IMHO. She and her family have been here for four years and she calls herself a Beaconite because it’s where she feels she belongs.


Lori also drew a portrait of me while I drew hers!



Penny’s #1 reason to stay in Beacon: Her dad’s the “President”, basically. Which could mean she’s so proud of his accomplishments, or that she’s used to being dragged around everywhere while her dad stands around chatting with every single person. Trust me, Penny, my daughter knows EXACTLY how you feel.





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