Have you been to the top of Mount Beacon?; YES:17-NO:7

If you ask, many people will tell you they moved to Beacon to be in proximity to such great outdoors, the pinnacle of which would certainly be Mount Beacon. For folks who grew up in Beacon, there are things that happened on Mount Beacon that, well, let’s just say they’ll stay on Mount Beacon. Responsibility, stewardship, and even ownership of this highest peak of the Hudson Highlands has been a topic of conversation on every Beaconite’s mind at some point, so I wanted to hear some of these personal stories. Not everyone’s been to the top, so I also wondered how people felt about restoring the famed incline railway that once ferried passengers to the peak.

IMG_6310Laura lives in Cold Spring so she knows all about having hikers in her backyard. She has one piece of advice for hikers aiming for the top of Mount Beacon; “be prepared.” Emergency rescues are more and more common and people “need to be educated.” You can even take a survival workshop in case you have a bad day on the trail.






Christina recently moved to Beacon and says she’s never felt more welcome. She has asthma and has made it her personal goal to make it to the top of Mount Beacon. She’s saddened by the closing of the only Puerto Rican food joint on Main Street, so she’ll have to go to Newburgh for that. But it’s the people, she says, that have made her feel at home here. Way to go, Beacon.



IMG_6312Melanie has also made it her personal health challenge to make it to the top after she’s lost 150 lbs! Melanie and her husband have been through a lot recently and so it’s inspiring to hear such an amazing personal story of transformation.


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