Do you think you had a good education?; YES:4 – NO:4

It’s a tie!! I’d been wanting to address the issue of education in this project, especially with what feels like our local school district currently running at an impasse. Whether you’re an advocate for personal or parental responsibility, or whether you think it boils down to more communal involvement in systemic change, I think we can all agree that #beaconkidsdeservebetter.


Brian shares his mixed feelings about his education which seems at once privileged and something of a trap. Brian seemed to be re-examining things since his life took a rough turn in 2008 – and now he’s in Beacon, working on his writing. Never too late for an education.








Jessica is a strong advocate for what she calls “self-learning”. While she admits her school district in Rosendale was probably wealthier than others, she points out that she did not have it easy growing up. She takes away from her education the importance of self-reliance, and self-determination. As she puts it: “You only get out what you put in”.





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