Have you ever been depressed?; YES:19 – NO:2

Apparently, most people do struggle with some form of depression. I wanted to know what kind of strategies are used to cope with and overcome depression.

IMG_6248Dan has worked in every factory that ever was in Beacon; Tuck Tape, die works, even a curtain factory. He remembers Pete Seeger calling him and a friend into the Beacon Sloop Club back when it was on Main Street asking him if he knew how to paint and handed him a brush before he could answer. Later when he and his friend got carried away and started painting the parking meters like candy canes, Pete made peace with the police and they got off. Dan’s been in Beacon so long, by the end of our chat,  we jokingly called him the “resident-President.”



Anastasia came in to tell a pretty chilling story of how she’s struggled with depression. Sometimes we can have a clear reason to be depressed, sometimes not. It’s important, she says, to allow yourself to rely on those you can count on and those who offer their help. Take it. Surround yourself with them. Oh, and she also explains what it means to be a “feminist killjoy”.




Henry says he’s never been depressed but his has been very, very sad. And scared. Like the time he busted his head open hitting the bottom of the pool. But he’s better now and his forehead gets massaged with cream so he doesn’t get too nasty a scar. He tells his story here:




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