Does voting matter?; YES:9 – NO:0

Well, apparently, voting does matter. Even just to get answers to the question:”Does voting matter?” Curious to hear what the outlook might be in this presidential election year, I anticipated much more skepticism about the potential for each vote to matter. And here’s where the question remained open to interpretation – what do we mean by “matter?” Are we talking about a collective vote’s ability to effect change, or is it more the personal meaning associated with the right and privilege bestowed up each individual? Here are some answers.


Dan is a Beacon resident, artist, designer, and all round great guy I personally admire, especially for his commitment to art as  social/collective/collaborative action. A lot of the projects he and his partner Kalene, together known as Thundercut, have organized, like Electric Windows, Electric Projected and Club Draw have helped give Beacon the vibe it’s got. Dan describes his first vote that he felt mattered – and, yes, it involves strip clubs. What, what?



Dani just arrived from Jerusalem via Paris and had a lot to say about the most intimate aspects of voting; that you’re alone, it’s private, just you and your voice. I never anticipated that this more poetic vision of what it means to vote could be what matters most. And Dani’s got my vote for most bodacious beard!!



Chana (pronounced with a “CH” – as in the Scottish “LoCH”) believes that voting’s impact is greater when the scale is smaller, which encourages a dialogue – something closer to consensus than democracy. Here she describes some of the examples of when she felt her vote mattered most:


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