Do you have an accent? YES:17 – NO:1

For some reason I suspected many more people would answer “NO” to this one but in a place where so many people are from somewhere, I guess it’s not a surprise. I would really like to have spoken to the one person who voted “NO” but apparently it was an anonymous voter who did not come in to sit for a portrait.


Barry is a born and raised Brooklynite but spent most of his time in Vermont which, I guess, means he speaking Bernie Sander-ese. He’s really happy to be retired in Beacon, He’s talking about leading workshops to teach kids to avoid confrontational situations with the police, which is both reassuring and alarming.





Claire, a recent transplant to Beacon from Vermont via Ohio, grew up in a household from Austria that spoke German and, wait, where were we? Oh, right, Claire thinks she doesn’t have an accent. Here’s what she has to say:






Chris, also a Beacon resident and really gifted artist, took a different spin on the idea of having an accent – not necessarily about origin, but about identity, about disguise – who we choose to be. Here’s her answer:


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