Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?; YES:42 – NO:3

The answer seems to be a resounding YESSSS! Possibly the result of a triumphant 2-term #Obama presidency or, maybe, after all, no one wants to admit how crappy their life really is. Even though everyone seemed to have an upbeat retrospective on the past 8 years, a few clouds slipped in over the rosy-colored glasses.



Ruth struggles a little to answer the question as she describes what it’s like being away from her friends and family in Melbourne, Australia and how tough it is making new friends as an adult – especially in New York City which she describes as “tough”. And the weather stinks. All the time. Except this winter!



Ben seems to think things are going rather well for the past eight years. He’s passed more resolutions, he’s not quitting on stuff so much, and generally, his parents are giving him a lot more freedom to choose the things he wants to do. After all, he’s almost twelve. And he’s got his own phone. Booya.


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