Are you angry?; YES:13 – NO:2

This question I stole right out of the Brian Lehrer show – I’m a huge fan of Brian Lehrer, I could listen to him read a shopping list, anything – but I also thought it was a great topic to begin a conversation without any presumptions about what the answers might be. Part of the challenge of coming up with these poll questions is finding a way for people to feel equally empowered answering “yes” as they would answering “no”. With this particular question, it seems people were who were quick to answer “no”, slowly discovered more of a “yes”.



Meg says she’s not an angry person, per se, but that there’s a LOT she’s angry about. Part of why I love doing this is that you can hear Meg’s anger swell up as she discovers what truly makes her mad, namely, guns. You can listen to her answer here:

IMG_6125Josh says that he was what you could call an “angry young man” in his youth (he’s from Newburgh, after all), but that he’s mellowed out ever since and calls himself an “angry optimist”, which needs to become an official category at the census bureau. Josh’s #1 anger button to push now: climate change – the apparent lack of concern about it – as well as the influence of money on the political process. Josh’s approach to anger management: expect the worse and be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t happen. Here’s Josh’s full answer:


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