should people in positions of authority publicly show their feelings?; YES:13-NO:3

IMG_6118Yesterday’s poll question was mostly inspired by current events, mainly, President Obama shedding tears while listing the number of deaths related to gun violence. I wanted to be more open-ended though, and leave the term “positions of authority” to be wide enough so as to encompass teachers, parents, anyone whose display of emotions could potentially influence those over whom their authority extends.

This fellow, Art, stopped in to sit for his portrait and was very clear about making the reference to President #Obama’s tears. Here’s what he had to say:


IMG_6117.JPGBeth, who also came in to sit for a portrait, had a more ambivalent response. As she rightly points out, there tends to be a double standard when it comes to women  showing their feelings publicly . Beth mentioned Hillary Clinton’s double-bind when it comes to the kind of public scrutiny her every facial expression inspires. This article in Slate does a great job of exposing that. Here’s what Beth had to say:






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