Getting started

IMG_6098So tomorrow I’ll begin offering free portraits at the gallery. Right now I’m working on the sandwich board, which will hopefully draw passers-by off the street to come in, chat for a while and sit for a portrait.

To be clear: this project is probably not aimed at anyone reading this blog right now. It’s not even aimed at your average gallery-goer. Ideally, the people who walk into the gallery during the residency will be folks who would never have set foot in an art gallery in the first place.

Who are artists and what do they do? What kind of role can an artist play in a community? How can an art gallery function to facilitate that role?

These are questions I want to posit primarily for myself, but I hope can find answers to in collaboration with a community with whom I share a town and a way of life.


And here is a random time-lapse video of me building the sandwich board that stands outside the gallery:


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